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The 5 Dimensions of Profitable
B2B SaaS Pricing Strategy

The critical building blocks you need to craft a profitable go-to-market pricing strategy for your B2B SaaS company

Make the Most of Your Pricing Opportunities

Optimal pricing is the sweet spot that allows you to maximize your profit margins for each type of customer while remaining favorably competitive with the other companies who are vying for their attention, loyalty, and revenue. A successful strategy is not just a matter of how much you can charge, but also how you structure the billing.

Your market, your customers, and the problems they face shape the magnitude and nature of your pricing opportunities. To determine your maximum value, you’ll need a clear understanding of the range of challenges your customers face and how your products and services deliver solutions for them. 

The five dimensions of B2B pricing provide a framework for aligning your solution with each aspect of your customers’ challenges while competitively earning revenue commensurate with the value you deliver.  They help you uncover revenue opportunities beyond they typical three-tier pricing menu.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The five dimensions of B2B pricing
  • How to reduce discounting by sales reps
  • How to know if you’re leaving money on the negotiating table
  • How the right pricing models can help you accelerate growth
  • Which small pricing tweaks can make an outsized impact on your overall financial performance and profitability
  • Why you don’t have to be cheaper than your competitors
    – and how to safely charge more than they do

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Katherine Chalmers

About the Presenter

Katherine Chalmers

Katherine Chalmers is a fourth-generation female entrepreneur with a passion for innovative technology and an addiction to growth hacking for fast-paced startups.  She’s spent the past 25 years building marketing programs and organizations for B2B software and tech companies.

Currently, as lead CMO at, she works as a CMO for hire, helping B2B software and technology firms with their branding and go-to-market growth strategies. 

She earned an MBA from Emory University, a BA in History and Global Policy Studies from the University of Georgia, and studied at the Institue d’Etudes Politiques (Science Po) in Paris, France. She is also a graduate of’s Founder Institute.